Learning opportunities

Our school offers learning opportunities in the following fields of study:

* Engineering, production and construction: Car mechanic, Machine operator , Painter, Upholsterer, Cabinetmaker, 

Facility serviceman, Apprentice Oven Builder, Vehicle technician

* Health and well-being: Care worker, Social and Health Care Specialist, Childminder

* Service: Chef, Cook, Kitchen assistant, WaiterE-commerce specialist, Transport organizer-Logistician, 

Warehouse worker, Rolling-stock locksmith, Railway rolling-stock service technician

* Non-stationary general education



Logistician (232186)

Type of studyForm of studyPremise to get startedStudy timeLanguage
Type of studyVocational education level 5Form of study stationary, school-based learningPremise to get startedsecondary educationStudy time120 EKAP, 2 yearsLanguagestudying in English

The Profile of Applicants

Logistics level 5 vocational education (EHIS code 128037),

Study period 2 years (120 EKAP)

  • Language of study: English / Estonian
  • Forms of education: stationary school-based education
  • Documents are submitted in Estonian or English.                                                                  
  • For documents that are not in Estonian or English, the student candidate adds an Estonian or English translation approved by the publisher, sworn translator or notary.

Admission conditions:

  • Statement on application for study and data processing www.sais.ee
  • Certificate proving secondary education
  • B1 English language certificate (proof)
  • Personal SWOT analysis
  • In the case of a foreign student candidate, a document with an indication of a permanent or valid residence permit or right of residence, or, in the absence thereof, a certificate of the student candidate's legal stay in the Republic of Estonia for the entire period of study in a form that allows the competent authority to reproduce it in writing

NB! New applications from student candidates who applied and were accepted during the previous 2 years, but did not attend to studies, will not be processed

Admission test (interview round):

  • The interview round consists of a conversation and practical performance of the task, the maximum result of 100 points is  60% of the result of the practical task, or 60 points, and 40% of the result of the interview, or 40 points.

Applicants through the SAIS www.sais.ee system:

  • Persons with Estonian citizenship
  • Persons without Estonian citizenship who have a long-term residence permit or permanent residence permit (presence of an ID card)

The reception opens on 06.05.2024 in the www.sais.ee environment

Detailed questions and answers only from the address vastuvott@vkok.ee

Basic study modules:
Introduction to the specialty: logistics
Information technology in logistics
Learning and working in a changing environment
Special course in logistics professional competencies
Management, supervision and teams in logistics
Customer relations and service in logistics
Freight planning
Arranging of transport and forwarding services
Contracts and documentation for the carriage of goods
Planning and organizing purchasing activities
Arranging for replenishment
Contracts and documentation for purchasing and replenishing stocks
Specialty research project in logistics
Foreign language professional logistics (English and Russian)
Foreign Languages in Logistics II (Estonian)
Internship I warehousing, purchasing and inventory management
Internship II freight transport planning and organization

Elective study modules:
Basic business module
Quality and risk management in logistics
Total logistics costs, budgeting and taxes
Return logistics, packaging and waste management
Supply chain management
Basics of production and material planning
ICT applications and future technologies
Practical application / solution in logistics
Dangerous and special transport
Logistics in e-commerce
Logistics for postal, parcel and courier services
Warehouse worker special course
Forklift driver course

Studies would be considered completed if the student has completed all the modules specified in the curriculum, acquired at least the threshold level and passed a professional examination. The achievement of the learning outcomes is assessed by passing each module one by one and passing a professional exam on the basis of criteria laid down by the Commission.

Qualifications acquired upon completion of studies:
Upon achieving the full-time learning outcomes of the curriculum, the competencies and qualifications corresponding to the profession "Logistics, level 5" are acquired

Further study opportunities:
At the University of Applied Sciences

Opportunities in the labor market:
Upon graduation, it will be possible to work in the following positions in various fields:                                                                                                                                                                                            Transport Manager, Logistics, Warehouse and Purchasing Manager, and other positions whose responsibilities include matters related to logistics.