Learning opportunities

Our school offers learning opportunities in the following fields of study:

* Engineering, production and construction: Car mechanic, Machine operator , Painter, Upholsterer, Cabinetmaker, 

Facility serviceman, Apprentice Oven Builder, Vehicle technician

* Health and well-being: Care worker, Social and Health Care Specialist, Childminder

* Service: Chef, Cook, Kitchen assistant, WaiterE-commerce specialist, Transport organizer-Logistician, 

Warehouse worker, Rolling-stock locksmith, Railway rolling-stock service technician

* Non-stationary general education



Forms of study

School-based study


School-based study is a form of full-time learning, where theoretical and practical lessons take place at the school on the basis of a timetable. Anyone can apply for school-based studies.

We welcome everyone with a basic or secondary education. Some specialities do not have the basic education requirement.

In Valga County Vocational Training Centre, it is possible to study within the vocational education curricula of level 3, level 4 and level 5 (i.e. specialised vocational education):

The student is considered to have graduated from a vocational education institution after full completion of the curriculum of the respective specialty. The conditions for graduation vary depending on the specialty and are listed in the curricula. As a rule, graduation requires passing a vocational examination; in some cases, a school examination may be sufficient.


Remote session study

In the case of remote study, the volume of independent work is more than 50% of the total volume of studies. Thus, there are fewer school days and they take place in sessions. 

According to the Adult Education Act, students involved in remote studies also have the right to free time to study on the same basis and under the same conditions as full-time students.

However, students involved in remote studies do not have the right to apply for allowances intended for vocational students, such as study allowance, school meal allowance, travel allowance, etc.


Work-based learning is a form of vocational training in which at least two thirds of the training takes place in a company.

WORK-BASED STUDY is intended for working people:

The study is based on a curriculum that has been developed in cooperation between a vocational education institution and a company.

To conduct the study, the school, the student and the company enter into a tripartite internship agreement.

The student has two supervisors – one at the school and the other in the company. The internship supervisor provided by the company is an experienced practitioner who supports the learner in acquiring the skills needed for professional work.

The student performs various tasks in the company under the supervision of their supervisor. This is complemented by a more theoretical form of learning at the school.

The company pays the student a salary that cannot be less than the national minimum wage. If there already exists a valid employment contract between the student and the company, no additional salary for the studies shall be paid.

Upon completion of the studies, the student receives a graduation certificate and, upon passing the vocational examination, a vocational certificate as well.


The coordinator of work-based study at Valga County Vocational Training Centre is Kärt Kuvvas-Mekk

+372 5818 3980