Learning opportunities

Our school offers learning opportunities in the following fields of study:

* Engineering, production and construction: Car mechanic, Machine operator , Painter, Upholsterer, Cabinetmaker, 

Facility serviceman, Apprentice Oven Builder, Vehicle technician

* Health and well-being: Care worker, Social and Health Care Specialist, Childminder

* Service: Chef, Cook, Kitchen assistant, WaiterE-commerce specialist, Transport organizer-Logistician, 

Warehouse worker, Rolling-stock locksmith, Railway rolling-stock service technician

* Non-stationary general education



Transport organizer-Logistician (198097)

Type of study Form of study Premise to get started Study time

Vocational education, Level 4 

stationary, workplace specific basic education 60 EKAP, 1y

Transport organizer - logistician work in companies is providing logistics services, manufacturing and trading companies.

Their work is related to the movement and location of goods, information and people, and the planning of related activities.

Simply put, a transport manager-logisticist must ensure that the right thing is in the right place at the right time in the right quantity, at the right price and quality.

What is right is determined by the strategy and goals of the company/organization, the market and the agreements with the customers, i.e. the recipients of the goods or services.

Transport organizer - logistician organizes the transport and storage of the company and the sale of warehouse services.

Such work involves a lot of organization, solving current problems, analyzing the situation and assessing risks.

In addition to computer work, you have to communicate with customers and suppliers, move around, deal with authorities (solve problems related to border crossing, reservations and delays, etc.).

Admission conditions: An interview will be held based on the application.

Core study modules:

Basics of logistics

Information technology in logistics

Study path and work in a changing environment

Customer service

Organization of road freight transport

Professional Estonian language

Restocking of goods Internship: warehouse work, purchasing and inventory management / organization of freight transport

Elective study modules:

Forklift control

Logistics professional foreign language (English and Russian)


Logistics in e-commerce

Packaging and packaging materials

Professional Russian language for the service industry

Return logistics

The studies would be considered completed if the student has completed all the modules specified in the curriculum,

acquired the learning outcomes at least the threshold level and passed the professional exam.

The achievement of the learning outcomes is evaluated when passing each module individually

and when passing the professional exam based on the criteria set by the professional examination board.

Competences and qualifications corresponding to the profession "Transport organizer - logistician level 4" are acquired upon achieving the learning outcomes of the curriculum in full.

Further education opportunities

Logistics level 5 and secondary education at the University of Applied Sciences

Opportunities in the labor market

After graduation, it is possible to work in the following positions in various fields:

Transport organizer, logistics assistant, warehouse worker and other positions whose tasks include issues related to transport and logistics.