Learning opportunities

Our school offers learning opportunities in the following fields of study:

* Engineering, production and construction: Car mechanic, Machine operator , Painter, Upholsterer, Cabinetmaker, 

Facility serviceman, Apprentice Oven Builder, Vehicle technician

* Health and well-being: Care worker, Social and Health Care Specialist, Childminder

* Service: Chef, Cook, Kitchen assistant, WaiterE-commerce specialist, Transport organizer-Logistician, 

Warehouse worker, Rolling-stock locksmith, Railway rolling-stock service technician

* Non-stationary general education



Transport organizer (201240)

Type of study

Form of study

Premise to get started

Study time

Vocational education, Level 4

stationary, day study

basic education

180 EKAP, 3y

On the basis of this curriculum, we do not open new study groups, because from the new academic year, a completely new curriculum for transport operator-logistics will be implemented, which is a step forward in studies in this field. Take a closer look at the new curriculum and you will find an exciting, future-oriented profession for you.

Further education opportunities: Logistics level 5 and at the University of Applied Sciences

Opportunities in the labor market: after graduation, it is possible to work in the following positions in various fields:

Transport manager and other positions, the tasks of which include issues related to transport and logistics.