Õpetaja Ranert Lindt Hispaanias stazeerimas - Valgamaa Kutseõppekeskus


Whit Erasmus+ I have been collecting a lot of new experience and new contact’s. I truly suggest for every one to travel the world as it is in the possibilities, doesn’t matter if it is in a volunteer program or an study Erasmus. Learning we do in every life aspect. I was Learning in IES Campanillas and Bancosol Alimentos (Malaga, Spain).


For the good I see here in IES Campanillas a good relationship among the teachers. In the FP PTA campus is the building modern. During my presentation I experienced a good public of students, all together 31 persons. The age group is very expanded. That means also the diversity of the persons is very large. But despite all of that I have seen the volunteers at work and it seems so easy and relaxed in the lessons. I found it so cool if the teacher has the possibility to control the time. Like to see and to decide when is the brake. I found in the brake time a small opportunity to talk whit the students and some of them were very excited about Erasmus and also they said if the opportunity is there they would use it. I am glad to hear about such things. As the peoples grow more tolerant and more courage to decisions.
Bancosol alimentos was founded in 1965. and sinse then it is been working for the help of others as an non-profit organisation. In 1987, the first Food Bank in Spain appears, which opens in Barcelona, from here it passes to Madrid, Valencia, Seville ect.. Currently in all provinces there is at least one Food Bank. From my visit in the company with location in
Malaga i am looking a possibility to help them with some technical support, mainli it is considered with a small supply of hard ware. There is always possibilities for development and i hope
for the staff and volunteers an faster and easier work environment.